Good Luck Getting Kirsten Dunst To Talk About Her Engagement To Fargo Co-Star Jesse Plemons

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If there's one thing Kirsten Dunst doesn't really want to talk about it's her engagement to her Fargo co-star Jesse Plemons. She'd prefer to keep that part of private life well, private, but Jimmy Fallon wasn't having any of it.
When Dunst appeared on The Tonight Show to talk about The Beguiled, all Fallon really wanted to talk about was her upcoming nuptials. And what do you know, he actually got her to share a few details about her future hubby including they got together a year after Fargo. "We became really good friends first," she said, admitting this was the best scenario because it sort of surprises you. "Like, wow, I really love this person," she said with a big smile. "I love hanging out with him."
Getting her to talk about their proposal wasn't as easy. As she admitted, she was nervous about oversharing. "I'm just seeing his mom watch the show, my mom watch the show, our friends, him being like, 'Don't say too much babe,'" she said.
Still Fallon persisted and with a little prodding got Dunst to admit that Plemons proposed to her when she was a bit sick. Not so sick she was in bed, but sick enough to be in sweatpants. She saw this as a good sign for their future together. "In sickness and in health," she said, echoing those fateful vows. Seems they're onboard with that.
Dunst was spotted wearing a diamond ring shortly after the new year and she told Fallon she thought he was going to propose around Christmas. That's when she saw her dad, who she swears is a terrible liar and gave it away without even realizing it.
Clearly, Dunst doesn't take after her dad in that regard. She was able to keep her relationship with Plemons a secret for months before anyone really knew. Plemons and Dunst played married high school sweethearts Peggy and Ed Blumquist on Fargo, an experience Plemons called "a gift" at Paleyfest in 2015.
In fact, Dunst joked that Fargo will always hold a special place in her heart and may come in handy for any future babies. "I'll name my kid Fargo Season 2," she said. It does have a nice ring to it.
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