My New Favorite Thing Is Watching Willow Smith's Journey To Become An Archer

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Will and Jada Pinkett Smith's kids are undeniably the coolest brother and sister duo. They're both equally enigmatic and constantly are pushing the envelope with trends. Just take a look at Jaden Smith's Instagram feed which as carefully curated as a Museum of Modern Art display. Or how he wears an all-white Batman costume to formal events and carries his dreads to the Met Gala as a replacement for his little sister, Willow. And for all their quirks and charms, they still remain especially grounded.
One way that Willow, 16, finds her center is through archery. I know this because she is documenting her journey towards become a skilled archer on her Instagram feed and it is my absolute new favorite thing to watch.
Willow is Katniss-ing is up, and is single-handedly going to make me sign up for archery classes ASAP.


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According to her posts, Willow started sharing posts of her with a bow and arrow in January of this year. Immediately everyone couldn't stop comparing her to the famous Hunger Games character, although I'd bet Willow has a much more sophisticated reason for taking up the sport. In February she shared a video of herself, and while she seemed satisfied with the shot, she writes that she needs to straighten her back. See, I'm learning, too.


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By April, she's looking deadly AF with that massive bow. She even admits she's becoming a #forceofnature.
C spot nonexistent #forceofnature

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Six months into her public venture towards becoming a millennial Legolas, she starts really getting into her groove. She's officially an #archeryaddict.


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#archeryaddict //

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And then, on June 14, Willow basically hit a bulls-eye. Never one to dwell on perfection, she sagely captioned the photo: "The desire to be perfect can and will get in the way of the development of your subtle skill, and will blind you in the face of your progress."
Now I know nothing about shooting arrows or setting up bows, or angles or wind speed or... anything, but I do know that I am rooting for Willow.
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