Jon Hamm Regrets "Oversharing" About His Single Life

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In a new interview with Entertainment Tonight, Jon Hamm addressed a recent InStyle interview that's gained a lot of attention. Hamm told the fashion magazine that being single "sucks" and is "really hard."
Now, Hamm has explained that he only said those things because he can't stop oversharing.
"I usually overshare, is the problem," Hamm told ET of the InStyle interview. "So, it wasn't necessarily important to share it, I just did, and then I'm sort of regretting it."
Hamm split from his longterm partner Jennifer Westfeldt in 2015, after being together for 18 years. He also confirmed to ET that he's still single.
During the ET interview, the Mad Men star also took the time to praise Wonder Woman, which stars his Keeping up with the Joneses costar Gal Gadot.
"If you look at what's happening right now with Patty Jenkins' movie and my friend Gal Gadot's movie and the box office right now, it's been a pretty good year," Hamm told ET. "So I got to see that movie Friday, and it was so fantastic, and I was so pleased for all involved, especially Gal... I was just so pleased. It's so nice when a true friend of yours has success like that. It's really kind of amazing."
The InStyle interview wasn't the only thing Hamm clarified to ET, either. The actor also addressed his recent statement on Sunday Today with Willie Geist, when he suggested that he might return to teaching one day.
"You do an hour-and-a-half interview, and somebody pulls one sentence out of it and decides that that's all they're gonna take away from it," Hamm told ET. "I certainly never say never. It's a much less stressful job than this, although it has its own stresses."
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