This App Will Help You Actually Pay Attention To The Inflight Safety Video

Photo: Getty Images.
Seasoned travelers probably have airlines' in-flight safety spiels memorized. Anyone who doesn't have it memorized probably doesn't pay attention to the flight attendant's rote performance of exactly how to put on a floatation vest and everyone else is probably checking their phones for last-minute emails. But, Travel + Leisure reports that Air Safety World, a new mobile game, is trying to make the whole ordeal a lot more fun.
Developed by Italy's University of Udine’s Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) Lab, programmers sought to integrate airplane safety with a game. That way, it wouldn't just be amusing, it would actually stick in peoples' brains.
Professor Luca Chittaro, one of the app's developers, told The Independent that "research on traditional airline safety briefing media like safety cards and videos has highlighted that they are scarcely effective for two main reasons: lack of passenger's attention and lack of passenger’s comprehension." So, either flyers are bored with traditional safety speeches or they can't really understand everything printed on the instructions tucked in every seat-back pocket.
The app incorporates gaming into each part of plane safety. The mini-games include super-cute graphics, plenty of plane puns, and hide the important things (like safety and evacuation procedures) within each adorable task. In one game, players get tested on oxygen mask protocol and in another, players are tasked with opening an emergency door.
While it's literally just fun and games, the researchers say that learning through the game is much more effective than simply sitting through a monotonous speech — especially since everyone sitting in the plane assumes that they already know the deal with those masks and emergency doors.
"One study has shown that making the briefing highly interactive improves participant’s performance in the real world," Chittaro added.
Another draw? Completing various levels within Air Safety World earns players different planes and bonuses. Getting through all the various trials and tribulations means an entire fleet of virtual aircraft — and some one-of-a-kind bragging rights.
Check out The Independent's footage from the game, below.
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