Paris Hilton Has A New Look — & She's Practically Unrecognizable

Paris Hilton’s blondeness is as essential to her identity as Juicy Couture tracksuits, the phrase "that's hot," and having at least one Chihuahua poking its head out of her handbag. Given that ill-fated film star Marilyn Monroe and plastic children's doll Barbie serve as two of Hilton’s greatest beauty inspirations, keeping her hair light and bright is to be expected. Nobody ever saw Norma Jeane go rose gold on a whim, did they?
But Hilton, believe it or not, is full of surprises. Surprise! She’s a highly sought-after DJ. Surprise! She’s a legitimately successful entrepreneur, raking in over $2.5 billion in revenue on her fragrance line alone. Surprise! She… is now a brunette?

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That’s right: If several recent Instagram posts — or her caption, #BrunettesHaveFunToo — are to be believed, the former Simple Life star has traded in her iconic platinum for a much darker ‘do, and she’s practically unrecognizable. But there’s one person she now bears a striking resemblance to — and it’s not Marilyn. It’s her aunt, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills mainstay Kyle Richards.
Sure, looking like your aunt may not be something most people aspire to when they try out a new look, but hey, Richards looks great. Hopefully the comparison won’t turn Hilton off the hair color change (or make her throw out the wig, because let's be real, the odds that Paris Hilton actually dyed her hair this dark are slim) — it’s a very chic look on her, and all the better to match her constant companion, Diamond Baby. (Spoiler: Diamond Baby is a dog.)

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