Let Paris Hilton Aughtsplain These 2000s Trends, The Only Way She Knows How

Photo: CHRIS DELMAS/AFP/Getty Images.
Hi. Her name is Paris Hilton, and she's here to tell you that the 2000s were the hottest years in fashion history. The heiress turned pop culture icon stars in a video by W that, in less than (a very swift) two minutes, reminds you who the true queen of early aughts style is. (Sorry, Kendall.) In the video, Hilton pretty much runs the gamut of all of the street style trends she — with a bit of help from sidekicks like Nicole Richie, Lindsay Lohan, and Britney Spears — unequivocally made mainstream with every trip to the gas station and Starbucks run. And boy, it's good.
"I love seeing all of the looks on the runway inspired by me, the OG," Hilton reveals in the video as she talks through trend after trend: tracksuits, belts, miniskirts, bedazzling, and even those ubiquitous Uggs. But don't expect to see her out and about sporting the latter anytime soon. "Life's short," she quips, as she aughts-plains that skirts should always be the width of a belt. "Take risks," she adds. These are just a few of the many valuable life lessons and fashion virtues Hilton dishes out in the video.
If there's anything better than Paris Hilton out-Paris Hilton-ing herself — like, say, wearing all of these trends at the same time, Tinkerbell replacement and venti Starbucks in hand — it's watching her address her fashionable legacy, head-on. Thankfully, Hilton continues to walk the runways (she recently walked designer Christian Cowan's show last Fashion Week), and she's still somewhat of a red carpet mainstay. But if there's anything else this video proves, it's the Hilton has some serious acting chops, and her return to television is overdue. Please come back, Paris. We miss you.
Check out the spot below, and don't feel bad if you experience an unwavering desire to watch it over and over again. (Same.) And remember: If you dress like a princess, you'll be treated like one.

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