Ryan Reynolds & Tom Holland Have Some Waxing Advice

Twitter can be a strange place. Stans and fans alike can keep tabs on and chat with their favorite bands, actors, models, etc. without ever coming face-to-face with them. Even better, celebrities can mingle with other, equally famous people while we witness the whole thing. It's not out of the ordinary to see Chrissy Teigen troll Piers Morgan via tweet storms, for example, or watch as everyone in Hollywood congratulates Beyoncé on her twin announcement.
This past weekend, something else happened: Two unlikely Marvel actors swapped beauty tips.
Tom Holland — the 21-year-old British actor replacing Tobey MaGuire and Andrew Garfield as the newest Spider-Man — tweeted fans for advice about buzzing his hair for Spider-Man: Homecoming 2. "Thinking about buz cutting my hair for the next one. Thoughts?" he asked.
But it wasn’t just Holand's everyday fans responding to the query — another Marvel superhero did, too... and he goes by the name of Ryan Reynolds.
"I’m going with the full Brazilian wax. Not gonna let fear run my life," Reynolds replied. But the conversation didn't end there.
“I had that done yesterday,” Holland joked. “So smooth…”
This bromance isn't all that surprising. In the Marvel world, Spider-Man and Deadpool actually have their own series, so the connection between the two actors was inevitable. (And we'd be totally on board for a cross-over film.)
Our only request? Instead of the whole villain-destroying-the-city drama, we'd like some extra tips on dealing with bikini wax drama. Because, let's be real: No matter who you are — even those with superpowers — getting a Brazilian is never fun.
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