Celebrities React To Beyoncé's Pregnancy Announcement

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When something as monumental as Beyoncé being pregnant with twins happens, celebrities become just like us: They freak the fuck out.

Within hours of Beyoncé's world-rocking Instagram announcement, Bey's fellow stars took to social media to express their joy and say congratulations. "YOU ARE CRYING BECAUSE BEYONCÉ IS HAVING TWINS" Brie Larson Twitter-screamed.

Meanwhile, Ellen DeGeneres posted a very interesting Photoshopped picture, and Chrissy Teigen tricked us for a minute into thinking that she's having triplets. Covergirl model James Charles asked what the weirdest among us are thinking in the back of our minds: "Can I die and be re-birthed as one of Beyoncé's twins please and thank you."

Then, there's Hailey Baldwin, who said what many of us are feeling right now: "I feel like I'm more excited for Beyoncé to be pregnant than I will be for my own child." Even renowned Twitter asshole Piers Morgan only had non-offensive things to say. ("Congrats to her & Jay Z.")

So, from Laverne Cox and Rihanna to Millie Bobbie Brown, here are the best celebrity reactions to Bey's pregnancy.

Congratulations @beyonce I am so happy!!!! ☺️☺️☺️💜💜💜 #formation

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Me too!

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