Keeping Up With The Kardashians Episode 13 Recap: "Loyalties and Royalties"

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This week on Keeping Up With The Kardashians, the show addresses the controversy between the Kardashians and Caitlyn Jenner about Jenner's memoir. Kim, Kourtney, and Penelope stop for some ice cream and Kim's phone rings. It's Caitlyn. Kim debates whether or not to answer, but decides to pick up. "How's my little Kimmy doing?" Caitlyn says, excitedly. Too excitedly if you ask Kourtney. "That kind of energy. I just can't," she says, under her breath. Kim dodges Caitlyn's invitations to get together but promises to call later to arrange something. Kim is worried about hurting Kris's feelings. "I know my mom is really hurt by Caitlyn's book," Kim says. Kim has been playing the role of peacemaker, and she says she wants to be as respectful as she can be because Caitlyn is Kendall and Kylie's dad.
Speaking of feelings, this week's episode goes for laughs with a misguided storyline about Rob not having sympathy for Khloé's cramps during her period. They are supposed to work out together, and Rob is upset that Khloé is taking the day off because of her period. Rob says, out loud, on TV, that "the menstrual cycle doesn't sit well with me." He makes it worse by adding, "Does that mean you get to lay in bed all day and not do what we were going to do today?" This whole conversation is weird and awkward and includes a walk down memory lane about when Rob slept with the winner of a Kim Kardashian look-alike contest.
Kim calls Kris before setting anything up with Caitlyn. "I just want to get your permission," Kim says. "I want to call Caitlyn and ask for a copy of her book." Kris is supportive if not downright relieved. "I'd love for you to read it so that I could get your take," Kris says. Kim promises to read it cover to cover and give Kris her honest opinion. Again, Kim says she doesn't want to be in the middle of what she calls unnecessary drama.
Rob is supposed to work-out with Kourtney and Khloé, but he decides to take a personal day like the one he claims Khloé took. "He has no idea what girls go through," Khloé says as if this were all a scene in a video for middle school Health class.
No personal days for Kendall. She's working in India doing a shoot with Mario Testino for Vogue India. While she was there, she met the first gay prince to come out in India. It impacted her in a personal way. It was brave, like her dad, she says.
Instead of sending over a copy of her book, Caitlyn drops it off personally for Kim. "Mom's obviously upset about it," Kim says, cutting to the chase. Caitlyn acknowledges that Kris is upset and says that it bothers her. "I'll always love her," Caitlyn says, but also says that she needed to honest to her truth. Kim doesn't disagree but points out that both Kris and Caitlyn are entitled to feel how they feel. Kim wants to give Caitlyn the benefit of the doubt. Caitlyn asks that she read it with an open mind. Kim agrees, but with a caveat. "Talk bad about my mom, I'm coming for you," Kim says.
After reading the book, Kim goes to Kourtney to talk about it. Kourtney is interested in Kim's take. She is curious about whether or not Kris is exaggerating about how Caitlyn portrays Kris in the book. Kim tells Kourtney that their mom's anger is justified. "She is so mad at mom, for no reason," Kim says. Kim is especially incensed about a passage in the book that says that the Kardashian name was left out of the Diane Sawyer because they did market research and when people hear the name Kardashian they feel like it is a publicity stunt. Kourtney rolls her eyes at that one. "We got you more life," Kim says angrily. "The show's not called Keeping Up With The Jenners." Whatever your perspective, Kim adds, have some class. "I can't spend time with someone who doesn't care about my mom," Kim says.
The Rob and Khloé period production moves into its final act. Rob continues to feel no sympathy for the women around him, so Khloé wants to teach him a lesson. Khloé enlists the help of a sports chiropractor to induce cramps for Rob. "She obviously has nothing better to do," Rob says about Khloé. "Regardless of what she says, I don't think it's going to be so bad." Apparently, Rob had nothing better to do either, and no one on the production team had any better ideas because in a flash Rob is hooked up to the electrodes. Suprise, viewers! Cramps are uncomfortable.
Having checked in with Kourtney, Kim approaches Kris to talk about Caitlyn's book. Kim validates Kris's reaction. "She blames you for everything," Kim says. Kim doesn't mince words about Caitlyn. "She just literally started three different families with three different people and fucked everyone over," Kim says. Kris agrees and says, "It's just better for me to say I have my own memories and they were great." She says she's choosing to be the bigger person. "We're grown up. I don't think my mom has to try anymore," Kim says.
Kendall invites the prince that she met in India to have lunch with her, Kim, Khloé, and Kourtney. The women have lots of questions for Prince Manvendra about his coming out, how his family reacted, and his marriage to a woman. He says the people in his town burned effigies of him and his parents disowned him and disinherited him, removing him from the royal family. He realized he had made a mistake getting married and got a divorce so that his wife could find happiness with someone else. Kim is impressed that he was so thoughtful and sensitive to his wife's experience. Kim and Kendall draw parallels with Kris and Caitlyn's story.
Kim and Kendall talk about what Kris is going through with the book. Kendall hasn't read the book, so Kim catches her up. "I feel like Kendall should know," Kim says in the interview segment. Kendall is angry but doesn't appear surprised. "That's awful to say about your family," Kendall says. She is disappointed. She says that what upsets her most about the book are the things Caitlyn says about the Kardashians. She says her dad is being mean. "She's really pushing herself further and further away," Kendall says about Caitlyn.
Kris gets two visitors as the episode comes to a close. First, Prince Manvendra stops by Casa Kris. His visit gives Kris hope for the future and validates her feelings. He tells her good things are coming for her. Next, Kendall comes over to talk about the book. Kendall looks for explanations for her father's behavior but doesn't make excuses. "The weird part is I don't think it's purposeful lying," Kendall says. Kendall doesn't have any answers, but, like Prince Manvendra, sees good things in Kris's future. "I needed my mom to know that it will be okay," Kendall says.

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