Urban Decay's Liquid Aura Is Better Than Unicorn Blood

It's not news that highlighters are dominating the makeup game these days. From rainbow swirls to purple iridescent sheens, the illuminating step in your routine is becoming the most important. The brighter your highlight, the closer you are to heaven — or something like that. And you can bet we've tried our fair share of sparkly lightbeam products, but there's one that stands above the rest: Urban Decay's new Liquid Aura.
Liquid Aura isn't like other highlighters because it's not a powder or a strobing cream; it's customizable mixing drops. The pearlescent formula is meant to be added into your foundation, tinted moisturizer, or lotion to give you a glow like the North Star. A light so bright it bounces off your face and blinds your haters.

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The formula itself is a shimmery dream. Harry Potter fans out there know what I'm talking about — the thick, silvery substance is a dead ringer for unicorn blood. It's a real bummer that it can't keep you alive forever, though.
It's strictly forbidden to rob a unicorn of its shimmering blood, but this Urban Decay potion will only set you back $32 at Sephora and last for months. If that's not magical, we don't know what is.
Urban Decay Liquid Aura, $32, available Summer 2017 at Sephora.
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