Here's Who Lea Michele Would Turn To for Sex Advice

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During a poolside game of Celebrity Lifeline for E! News, Scream Queens alum Lea Michele didn’t hold back.
When asked how she’d use that coveted single phone call if ever she needed to be bailed out of jail, she didn’t say she'd dial her lawyer — or even her mother, Edith.
“Ooh, that’s a good one," Michele responded to the host. "I think she’s going to be my answer for every one of these, but I would say, Emma Roberts because that girl would fight to the death for me,” the 30-year-old said about her BFF and ex-Scream Queens co-star.
As for her ideal shoulder to cry on, Michele named none other than her other ex co-star turned bestie, Jonathan Groff from Glee. “For sure, I love him,” she said of the Looking star, with no hesitation.
Though things got interesting when the host asked the actress who she’d reach out to for sex advice.
“Hmm,” Michele said looking off into the distance, tapping her fingers. “Who’s a good person to go to?” Then a lightbulb went off. “Who was I just texting the other day and the texts were so wildly inappropriate? Again, I think it’s a toss up between Brad [Goreski] and Jonathan [Groff].” Though actress brought it back to Emma Roberts when asked about who she prefers to party with.
Aside from some pretty adorable PDAs on social media, two besties have often expressed how much they both rely on one another. In an interview with Glamour last year, Roberts dished about her ride or die.
“The way Lea carried Glee was unbelievable,” Roberts said. “When we were filming episode 5 [of Scream Queens], I was so tired and nervous, thinking, ‘What if I can't get it right?’ I asked her how she did it, and she said, ‘You just do. You're going to do it, and you're going to be great.’ She definitely grounds me on days when it's crazy here.”
Sadly, Fox announced that after only two seasons, Scream Queens is no more. However, we’ll surely see these two hanging out sometime soon.

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