So, THIS Was The Most Nervous Guest On Watch What Happens Live

Photo: Chris Haston/Bravo.
Bravo's balls-to-the-wall talk show Watch What Happens Live is not for the fainthearted. The show has one goal: to spill tea. Add to that some free booze and one very excellent interviewer (the inimitable Andy Cohen), and the result is one very candid chat. Just this week, Kim Kardashian herself gave us what amounted to a WWHL Boston Tea Party. In general, guests seem game for the show's antics. But according to Andy Cohen, one particular star was anxious about the intimate format.
"Ryan Reynolds was really scared that I was going to get really personal, and he was nervous," Cohen said in an interview exclusive to People. This is tea in and of itself, because Reynolds has always seemed comfortable being candid. The Deadpool actor is famously silly on social media — most recently, his boyish friendship with actor Jake Gyllenhaal went viral. This is the type of actor who exudes confidence and irreverence. It's hard to imagine that Reynolds would ever be nervous.
"But it turned out well," Cohen said of the interview.
Reynolds appeared on WWHL in February of 2016. He played the show's most dangerous game, "Plead the Fifth," in which contestants must answer a series of personal questions. Cohen quizzed Reynolds about his character in Deadpool, the infamous bomb Green Lantern, and the part of Reynolds' body he likes the least. For Cohen, the questions were fairly light. (Other interrogations have veered into the topic of sexual experience or, as with Kim K., dirt on other celebrities.)
Reynolds was, however, forced to admit that the movie Green Lantern was a flop. It was the actor's first superhero movie, and he went on to mock it in his other superhero movie, Deadpool.
"If you could rate The Green Lantern on a scale of 1-10," Cohen began. "What number would you give it?"
Reynolds scrambled for a moment, asking for more information on the rating system and sighing, before admitting: "One! It's a one!" (He first gave the generous assessment that the movie "just didn't work.")
Before continuing the game, Reynolds grumbled, "I'm having a drink."
Considering the fact that he was nervous, the father of two gave a good interview — Cohen was right. Although, even Reynolds admitted that the segment was "tame" by WWHL standards. Careful, Reynolds. You may just have to Plead the Fifth again someday.
Watch the full clip of Reynolds on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, below. Warning: There is light discussion of the male perineum.
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