Ryan Reynolds Says Jake Gyllenhaal Is A Better Cook Than Wife Blake Lively

Photo: Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images.
It sounds like Ryan Reynolds and Jake Gyllenhaal did some intense bonding on the set of their upcoming sci-fi movie Life. On Thursday morning's Good Morning America, the Reynolds, 40, sang the praises of his new best friend, 36 — both on camera and off.
"I think he's easily the most interesting actor working in Hollywood today. He's definitely one of my favorites," Reynolds said. "And at the same time he's one of the kindest guys I've ever met. So suddenly I find myself — we're hanging out all the time. We live near each other. It's cool."
He continued, pivoting to Gyllenhaal skills in the kitchen, which apparently are so great that they rival those of his wife of five years, Blake Lively — a fact he decided to share on TV. "I live up in the burbs, and he comes over. Blake, my wife, is very good at cooking, and Jake might be just a little bit better. He can throw down. It gets very competitive between the two."
When GMA co-host Michael Strahan responded that Reynolds perhaps shouldn't have shared that tidbit, Reynolds joked that he was already in the dog house. "I'm moving out at the end of the month," he laughed. "I'm actually moving out right now, under this desk. I'm already making plans."
Things were different back in 2011, when Reynolds gushed about his future wife's kitchen prowess at the premiere of their movie The Green Lantern — months before they even started dating. "Oh, she's quite a baker. There's nothing she can't cook, that's sort of the problem," he said. "Aren't actors supposed to be out causing massive amounts of bad press and trouble? But this girl's in a kitchen all day, baking for our crew on our movie. Everything you can imagine. I mean, she had soufflés coming!"
You know what this means: it's time for an old-fashioned soufflé-off, Lively vs. Gyllenhaal.

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