The Secret Social Media Lives Of The Bachelorette Men

Photo: Michael Yada/ABC.
Two episodes into the thirteenth season of The Bachelorette, and viewers are starting to really feel like they know the contestants. There are the fan favorites (Kenny, Peter), the drama kings (Blake E., Lucas), the attention whores (DeMario, Adam Jr.), and then the kissers (Bryan, Dean). But as a whole, do we really know these guys? No, not at all. But unlike the Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay, we have a very crucial tool at our disposal to find all the best dirt and hidden secrets about the guys: Instagram.
To me, this feels like really the first season where all the men have extensive Instagram presences, full of embarrassing photos and brief glimpses into their previous lives. So, I got to work chiseling away, scrolling back to the very first posts on a bunch of the men. And what I found really upset me. Most of the men have been lying (or covering up) their real intentions — not just Mr. Whaboom. At least half these men are either aspiring models, aspiring actors, aspiring filmmakers, or aspiring diet tea spon con-ners (cough, Bryan). They're all THIRSTY AF for fame, and crave the spotlight more than any other group of dudes on this show we've seen so far. And all the proof is a just few clicks away.
Not to be a Bachelor purist, but really guys? How many #models are too many #models? Is nothing sacred?
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