Did The Producers Write That? A Bachelorette Investigation

Photo: John Salangsang/BFA/REX/Shutterstock.
The authenticity of The Bachelorette and its sibling shows has always been dubious. It's a nationally televised search for love; casting doubts on the show's intentions is only natural. Ultimately, the goal is to entertain. In order to craft that sweet, sweet reality television magic, it's theorized that The Bachelorette producers often have a hand in the silliness. (This is not just a theory. Contestants have, on various podcasts and in interviews, admitted that producers give "light suggestions" on the show. I shan't name any names.)
The question is: How much do the producers stick their nose in the proceedings? Some one-liners seem too convenient for a contestant to have come up with themselves. Earlier episodes in the season tend to seem a little more scripted than the rest. The contestants are new, everyone's a little nervous, and a light suggestion can go a long way.
After each episode, we'll be analyzing the silliest moments and determining: Did the producers write that? Criteria for this investigation are subtle. When a contestant says something that's been written, or "suggested," they usually sound a little canned. A pre-planned line is often too cute or too twee to be organic. People don't speak in rhymes. Nor do people so often come up with puns on the spot.
We'll grade each line on a percentage scale, from 0 to 100% the producers wrote that. Let the games begin!
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