This New Flash Tattoo Trend Will Make '90s Kids So Nostalgic

Photo: Courtesy of Tattly.
As a child of the '90s, my favorite magazine ads featured anything and everything scratch-and-sniff. Sure, it was usually a total gimmick, but it’s hard to resist the urge to bring the page to life — if only for your olfactory. Suffice it to say, I'm not surprised that the latest tattoo trend sweeping the internet has borrowed this clever feature many of us grew up with. Except this time, it’s no gimmick. Enter: scented tattoos.
According PopSugar, the scented tattoo fad is raging on Pinterest, just in time for festival season, and we're hopping on the bandwagon fast. The style is somewhere between a watercolor design and plant stamping, making the ink Instagram gold.
Some of the coolest scented tats come from Tattly, a site you may know thanks to its treasure trove of temporary body art designs. The company sells tons of non-toxic tattoos that last up to four days on your skin. Plus, they're created with vegetable-based ink that’s FDA-compliant, so they're safe for all ages. But here's the best part: The tattoos are pretty cheap ($18 for a set of 8) and come in a multitude of scents like rosemary, sage, peony, hydrangea, and even Ring Pop.
Photo: Courtesy of Tattly.
But these are more than just your standard heart or star designs. The plant designs were crafted by Vincent Jeannerot, a French watercolor painter who primarily creates botanical pieces, while Julia Rothman is the mastermind behind the candy-inspired illustrations.
The scents are subtle, but just as complex as your favorite perfume. Formulated by Agilex Fragrances, each tattoo is made with a set of unique notes that last all day long. So we're calling it: Scented tattoos are the new adult version of flash tattoos — and we're so into it.
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