The Next Big Tattoo Trend Is Here — & It’s Shiny

flash tat embedPhoto: Courtesy of Flash Tattoos.
If you've noticed geometric glints of gold and silver decorating the skin of fashionable women at the beach, chances are you're seeing a Flash Tat. We never thought temporary tattoos could become fancy, but there you have it: The brand Flash Tattoos makes "jewelry inspired by temporary tattoos," and it's about as sophisticated as a beachy look can get.
The Flash Tats last for four to six days and truly look like two-dimensional pieces of jewelry. It's an ideal compromise for those who want to wear jewelry to the beach but don't want to lose or ruin it. Plus, it looks so chic, especially when combined with real jewelry.
The only downside? The brand cautions that sunscreen degrades the Flash Tat's adhesive, so one has to skip the SPF in the bedazzled area. That seems a little odd to us given that this is such a popular outdoors look right now. Since the idea of a chevron sunburn is the opposite of appealing, we're going to work on bringing this trend to the world of indoor fun.
And, of course, like all trends, there's a fine line between doing it right and going overboard. We're not so excited about a Flash Tat on the face, nor do we think one should be entirely covered in the gold and silver foil. But, when used in moderation, these are a tasteful way to glam up any summer look — no matter how thoroughly you're relying on cutoff shorts and flip-flops.
Flash Tattoos Lena, $22, available at Flash Tattoos.

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