Gordon Ramsay Is Actually A Gentle, Non-Swearing Teddy Bear At Home

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Gordon Ramsay may have a superb palette, but he's also earned a reputation for being the filthiest-mouthed celebrity chef around. The Brit has spent his TV career berating chefs, restaurant owners, and culinary students on his series, including Hell's Kitchen, MasterChef, and Kitchen Nightmares. In fact, the title of his new show is a riff on that reputation: live cooking competition The F Word premieres May 31 on Fox. But according to Ramsay's eldest daughter, the 50-year-old leaves his potty mouth at work.
Matilda, 15, told British paper Waitrose Weekend that her dad keeps the language PG at home, reports The Mirror. "He does not swear at home," she said. "On telly he is like a strict teacher but when I watch him I find it funny because it is so different to how he is at home. He's just a normal dad."
Matilda, who has her own cooking show and now her first cookbook (both titled Tilly's Kitchen Takeover), thinks that when her dad does ream out the contestants on his shows, he's doing it for their own good. "My dad has helped loads of people in Kitchen Nightmares and while he can be harsh, it is for a good reason," the teen explained. "Yes, he gets angry but it does make them better."
Ramsay may not curse in front of his children — 15-year-old Matilda, 17-year-old Jack and Holly, and 18-year-old Megan — but that doesn't mean he's easy on them in the kitchen. In April, Matilda admitted her dad can be tough on her when it comes to things like seasoning chili. "My dad just puts in so much chili powder, so I let mom cook when he’s at home because she knows what we like," she told the hosts of British talk show This Morning. "He’s a really fussy eater…With my food, yeah, and with his spices, he's fussy."

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