Gordon Ramsay Teaches Swearing & Screaming In New "Educational" Video

Photo: Steve Meddle/ITV/REX/Shutterstock.
If you’re serious about food, you’ve likely spent hours of your life watching instructional YouTube videos on proper knife skills, taking copious notes in the margins of your favorite cookbooks, and researching the differences between various kinds of cooking oils. If you want to cook like a pro, you’ve got to put in the time. It’s one of the only ways you’ll ever be able to emulate your favorite famous chefs in the kitchen. Of course, if you want to be more like Chef Gordon Ramsay, you might also have to make a change to your temperament, and thankfully he has provided some materials to help you work toward that goal. The celeb chef just released a video called “The Gordon Ramsay Academy of Kitchen Outrage.”
In the video, Ramsay instructs a group of chef coat-clad students on how to best hurl insults at different dishes. Not only does he teach them on how to put down everything from undercooked asparagus to sloppy dish handling, he also provides some go-to French phrases so they can putdown foods in other countries. At the end of the course, the students’ final exam involves disparaging the most offensive dish of all, pineapple pizza. If you follow his instructions, Ramsay says, he will "help you sharpen your skills to the point where people will be afraid to have you over for dinner.” Just what we've always wanted.
The video — clearly a joke, although it is pretty informative — was actually made to promote a special sweepstakes involving Ramsay's new show, The F Word, which premiers May 31 on Fox. According to Food & Wine, together with Omaze, Ramsay is giving away a trip for two to Los Angeles to see a taping of the show and even taste the dishes prepared by the contestants. That's where those criticizing skills will come in handy.
Participants can enter the sweepstakes once for free, then make donations to Great Ormond's Street Children's Hospital through Omaze to increase their chances. But, even if you don't win, it's for a good cause, and you can still learn how to cuss like Gordon, which is quite an accomplishment.

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