Gordon Ramsay Bashes Chrissy Teigen & Martha Stewart’s Food

If there’s one thing chef Gordon Ramsay knows how to do better than cook, it’s throw out a killer insult, which is exactly what he did on Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live on Thursday, according to People.
Despite keeping busy gearing up for his new culinary show, The F Word, which premieres on May 31, Ramsay has recently found some time to dish out disparaging remarks about people’s cooking creations on Twitter.
Here’s just one example of Ramsay’s remarks, which garnered over 2,200 retweets:
Twitter user meem asked, "Gordon what do you think of my cheesy pork chops with an orange sampler," to which Ramsay responded, "Looks like my grandads double hip replacement…[sic]"
Always ready to stir up a little drama, Cohen asked Ramsay to critique some celebrity food photos, but, as People writes, he wasn't allowed to know which celeb posted which pic.
So, who were the unlucky stars? For starters, supermodel and cookbook author Chrissy Teigen and renowned cook who may also be Snoop Dogg’s best friend, Martha Stewart.
Now, we've looked at many of Teigen’s and Stewart's food posts, and the only reaction we had was instantaneous hunger and kitchen envy, but, hey, Ramsay can seemingly find the negative in anything.
To kick off the bit, Cohen showed Ramsay a photo Teigen had posted of some saucy meatballs perched in a hot dog bun, shown below.
Looks pretty good, right? Apparently not to Ramsay!
"It looks like a seagull shit all over it," he said.
Unfortunately for Stewart, her wedge salad with Russian dressing didn't fare well, either.
"That looks like it caught a disease," he told Cohen.
To see Ramsay let loose on food posts from Kristin Cavallari, Minka Kelly, Sarah Michelle Gellar, and more, watch the below video.

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