Gordon Ramsay's Daughter Says He's Tough On Her In The Kitchen Too

We’ve all seen Gordon Ramsay scream at Hell’s Kitchen contestants and call them not-so-nice names like. But we’ve also watched him comfort crying children on MasterChef Junior and tell the kid chefs that he believes in them. These two very different sides to his personality make us wonder which approach he takes when mentoring his daughter Matilda in the kitchen.
Ramsay’s daughter, whose children’s cookbook Tilly’s Kitchen Takeover will be released early next month, recently appeared on a British talk show called This Morning. While on the show, Tilly, who is only 15 years old, demonstrated how to make her "All-American Chili" and talked to the show’s hosts about what it’s like cooking for her celebrity chef father. It seems that while Ramsay doesn’t call his daughter names he isn’t exactly all rainbows and butterflies when she cooks for him. Perhaps because Matilda is a bit older than the kids that appear on MasterChef Junior or because she’s his own flesh and blood, Chef Ramsay seems to feel like he can be a bit tougher on her.
This fact came out when Tilly explained that she didn’t like to prepare her food with too much spice. That is where her taste differs from her dad’s. While cooking her chili, the young chef told the hosts, “See dad just puts in so much chili powder so I let mom cook when he’s at home because she knows what we like.” The hosts laugh and Matilda continues, “He’s a really fussy eater…With my food, yeah, and with his spices, he's fussy.” She then explained that Gordon Ramsay sometimes acts a bit like his harsher self if she doesn’t use enough seasoning, but Tilly says, she does it to him as well.
Though Chef Ramsay is apparently a bit hard on his daughter Tilly when it comes to seasoning her food, it seems like his method for teaching her to cook worked out well. Not that many 15-year-olds get cookbook deals.

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