Ellie Kemper Thanks This Actress' Face For Finally Calming Her Baby Boy Down

Photo: Patrick Lewis / StarPix/REX/Shutterstock.
If you can't get your baby to stop crying, Ellie Kemper has an interesting suggestion that may sound crazy, but she swears works. When she appeared on Late Night With Seth Meyers, Kemper admitted that Allison Williams' face is the only thing that calms her 10-month-old son James down.
It all started when the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt star took a flight to Los Angeles with her son, who was a bit fussy. Or, as she prefers to call him, a "spirited" child. She tried all kinds of things to soothe him like showing him the seatbelt and the barf bag. Nothing worked. So she grabbed the airline magazine from the seat pocket, which just so happened to feature Williams, and wouldn't you know, her son began to relax.
In case you thought she was lying, Kemper brought a photo of her son on the plane, holding the magazine with Williams' face on it, all smiles. Seriously, this kid couldn't look happier. "Her gorgeous face," Kemper said of the Girls star, "delighted my child. It was the only thing that worked."
Perhaps, this isn't so surprising since Kemper admitted in a recent interview with The Tonight Show that her son has interesting taste in toys. Like he loves "a good drain plug," she said and playing with the "loose skin on my neck," but as she rightfully pointed out, "you can't package that."
But, the weird thing is, Kemper told Meyers when she flipped through the magazine, the only pages that drew out a smile from James were ones with Williams on them. "It's the best baby balm," Kemper swore. In fact, it's so good, Kemper kept the magazine and has since bought more with Williams on the cover, just in case she ever needs them. Though, she suggests parents all over the world do the same.
"This has worked many times," Kemper said, showing a few more photos of her son smiling alongside a brunette Williams for proof. "It's the best baby trick. Allison Williams is the baby whisperer."
Now, the real test is whether or not Kemper's baby boy still keeps his chill once he realizes Williams is now a blonde.

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