These Celebrities Are Low-Key Hilarious On Twitter

In the past, the best and brightest thinkers in the English language had many pages to fill with their wit and panache. Shakespeare had five acts. Oscar Wilde had whole novels.
But here, in the oversaturated internet age, Twitter gives us 140 characters to flex our humor muscles. While some may need more room to land their jokes, these celebrities and comedians often make us laugh in 100. In fact, you might be surprised by just how funny these celebrities are on Twitter. Who knew Josh Groban was actually a comedic mastermind, in addition to being a famed singer?
Twitter is the perfect platform for meeting and connecting with today's brightest comedic minds. If you curate your feed carefully, you can spend hours scrolling and laughing. Or, you know, you could also go outside and not spend hours on your phone — but no judgment.
If you're looking to stock your feed with goodness, here are a few of your best bets.
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