Twitter Is Going Crazy Looking For A Snake In A Pile Of Leaves

Photo: Pexels.
A photo posted by a PhD student in snake biology has gone viral because Twitter users are trying to spot the hidden snake in the pictured pile of leaves. (For the record, nope, we still can't see it — and it's driving us crazy.)
Twitter user @SssnakeySci (a.k.a. Helen) presented the world with this puzzling image, along with a task: "Can you spot the snake?"
Now, the picture — taken by photographer Jerry Davis in Texas — has taken on a life of its own. (Still looks like a pile of leaves and sticks to us...) Lots of Twitter users were so frustrated that they couldn't find it, as Someecards reports.
"How do you post this and then not post the answer?!" one user tweeted at Helen.
"Difficult but I found it eventually (once I had actually put my glasses on)," tweeted Chloë Dalglish.
Helen admitted her real reason for posting the mind-boggling pic: "Because I'm a terrible grad student who had a final paper sorry!" Aha. No apologies needed.
Others gave helpful hints for finding the snake. "Exactly in the center of pic. Kindly zoom it and [then] you need to see the dark maroon color snake stripes," wrote Ashish Aswal.
Many found it infuriatingly hard to see the snake again even once they initially found it.
"Even when you see it, it keeps disappearing. #camouflage," tweeted Katy Turner.
Lots of people were wrong when trying to spot it. Hint: It is NOT on the bottom left. Try again, @CaesarLuciano.
Is it really any shock that Snake Search 2017 turned into a meme?
Also, um, RUDE. T-Swift would not be pleased:
Finally, Helen shed some light on where that damn snake was hiding.
We finally found it after our clever intern pointed it out. Thanks, Ally!
Being a snake scientist, Helen also posted a PSA about snakes:

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