How Our Editors Would Spend $100 At Target

Some of you know Target as the place where you can stock up on beauty essentials on the cheap, or pick up a crate of Easy Mac in one hand and a chic ottoman in the other. We, however, know it as an abundant resource for affordable and on-trend wares, and look at it as a fun little challenge to see what we can manage to find in its many, many aisles (whether virtually or IRL).
Come summer, we have a lot of other expenses to worry about besides adding to our wardrobe, like a broker fee for a new apartment, or a weekend trip we splurged on with friends from high school. And that means our closets sometimes tend take a back seat. Those are the moments when Target becomes the first on our list to hit when we need a new swimsuit for said trip, or a new piece of decor for said apartment. Sure, the items may not quite compare to that Attico dress you've been eyeing, or that Lisa Marie Fernandez bikini you just saw on Kendall Jenner and had to have, but they can come pretty darn close (seriously, even Karlie Kloss is a fan).
Now allow us to prove it to you. With one-hundred theoretical dollars in our pockets, a few members of R29's fashion team picked out the steals that'll take us through summer without killing our budgets. Click on to see what we uncovered.

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