Beyoncé's Mom Says The Singer Is Ready To Meet Her Twins

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The world is definitely ready to meet the Carter twins... and, according to Beyoncé's mom, Tina Knowles, so is the music icon. Knowles spoke to Entertainment Tonight's Kevin Frazier and revealed that Bey is more than ready to give birth twice over.
"[Beyoncé] is doing great, she's just ready to... you know, she’s ready to see her babies," said Blue Ivy's grandmother Knowles.
The "Crazy In Love" singer first announced she was pregnant (with twins!!!) back in February with a gorgeous Instagram post that quickly broke the record for most likes on the social media platform. Needless to say, the world was very much ready for a glimmer of light in an otherwise not-so-stellar year. Then the world learned that Bey had an enviable baby shower this week — complete with celebrity guests like also-pregnant Serena Williams and Kelly Rowland, as one does — and the joyous celebration of Bey's soon-to-be-born babies continued.
Knowles, who shared her own Instagram video of the celebration (guess our invitations were lost in the mail) told ET's Frazier that the shower was mostly Bey's doing, but that she helped make the day special:
"I think a lot came from me but also, just like the shower, that’s her vision and I just help make it come alive, you know ... but all of my girls just have such great style and I’m just so proud."

Fun fun fun❤️ Angie, Serena, lala, Vanessa Kelly, Lorraine❤️

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Fans could barely handle how amazing the party looked, and took to the comment section to express their excitement:
"gasping! what beautiful powerful women! congratulations on the new children in the family ms. tina. and on the beybies already here. thank you."
"Beautiful. As an African,that made my heart smile. Love your earrings."
"Everyone looks so beautiful! Wishing your baby and new grand babies a safe, healthy & quick (!) birth."
With so many people wishing Beyoncé and her family well, the new beybies will certainly feel the love upon their arrival... whenever that is!

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