Beyoncé & Blue Ivy Are Seriously Identical & You Need To See The Pics

This is going to shock you, but a mother and daughter look exactly alike at the same age. We know, it's a lot to take in. But there's a reason we're telling you about this.
That reason is because the mother is Beyoncé and the daughter is Blue Ivy. We know what you're here for, so here's the dang image shared to Beyoncé's mother's Instagram.

Wow look what a fan did soo cute!

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The differences, which are few, is that Beyoncé is smiling slightly wider and has a slightly more interesting right eyebrow. Other than that? None. They're identical. If you need more proof, check this other image Tina Knowles posted a few weeks back.

My friend just sent this to me!

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So this raises a fairly obvious question: Do the Knowles family have a cloning machine that they've been keeping secret? Was Jay Z involved at all or did Beyoncé just close her eyes, concentrate really hard, and then generate human life on her own? We are not ruling a single thing out, people.
Let's play this thing out to its logical conclusion. Blue and Beyoncé look the same. That must mean that they sound the same. Maybe Blue has her father's impeccable rhythm and breath control to go along with Beyoncé's voice and glamour. If that's the case, then we have a truly unstoppable entertainment dynamo living among us.
Look, a lot of everyone's self worth is that, even though we can't be Beyoncé, at least nobody else but Beyoncé is walking around as Beyoncé. Like, if Beyoncé was just a job you could apply to, then that would pretty much wreck our collective shit. But now that Blue has raised the possibility of a multiple-Beyoncé universe, we are honestly reeling. What's stopping us from becoming Beyoncé? Why aren't we already Beyoncé?
Our parents must be so disappointed. Mom, Dad, we're sincerely incredibly sorry. We hope you forgive us.

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