Rachel Lindsay Kept The "Whaboom" Guy Because She Knows What Reality TV Needs

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If you were among the many Bachelorette fans very confused by Rachel Lindsay's final rose, you're not alone. Now, the current Bachelorette is giving an explanation as to why she gave Lucas the last rose of the night — and it definitely warrants one.
It wouldn't be a new season of The Bachelorette without a couple of characters — err, okay, a lot of characters. Fortunately, Rachel — who is looking for love after vying for Nick Viall's heart on The Bachelor — is now happily engaged to one of her suitors despite the group's many quirks. (Not to mention crying fits.) But is it safe to say that the suitor who ultimately earns Rachel's love is not Lucas, aka the 30-year-old contestant better known to fans as the "Whaboom Guy?"
While I hope that Rachel won't put up with Lucas' bizarre desire to make the word (or is it phrase?) "whaboom" happen, she did finally reveal why she handed him her final flower. And honestly? It sounds more for our benefit than for hers. She told Yahoo! it was all about keeping things interesting:
"As weird as it may have been, he was intriguing to me," Rachel told the site.
I can't help but think Rachel is being a tad kind when she used the word "intriguing" to describe Lucas' erratic behavior. Then again, that doesn't necessarily mean that Rachel is interested in Lucas as a life partner: In fact, it kind of sounds like she's more about keeping herself entertained than anything else. I mean, let's be real: if the group was a bunch of stable investment bankers and lawyers who were polite, respectful, and had zero interest in getting their catchphrase in Webster's Dictionary, well, what fun would that be?
Of course, not everyone is as curious about Whaboom Guy as Rachel was:
Rachel also told Yahoo! that she chose Lucas at the end of the ceremony because, well, she wanted to get to know the "real him."
"I was curious to find [out] more about Lucas — not the Whaboom."
So, uh, this wasn't him putting it all out there? Honestly, if that's the case, I'm a little nervous to find out what the real Lucas is like. Is there even more head shaking to come?

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