Why Is Everyone Crying In These Bachelorette Promos?

Photo: Courtesy of ABC
There is no shortage of sobbing on reality TV, but the new season of The Bachelorette promises oodles and oodles of tears — none of which are from its latest star Rachel Lindsay. Hopefully, these crying dudes will wipe their eyes long enough to stare longingly into hers.
Lindsay, who has already made history as the nation's first Black bachelorette, may not have won Nick Viall's heart (I think that's for the best), but she will have a slew of suitors vying for hers. In a new promo for the upcoming season — made available by Extra — we'll see just how fierce the competition for Lindsay's love really is. And by "fierce," I mean "prone to causing long, dramatic weeping sessions in grown men."
In the new clip, we see Lindsay's many potential "true loves" attempt to woo her in the usual Bachelorette ways. Shortly after exiting the safety of his limo, one suitor shows off his wood chopping skills. Another adjusts his bow-tie. A third just gives her the sexy eyebrow arch. However, it's not long before the emotions of the dating competition become a little too much for the men, and they start breaking down in troves.
Sniffles. Audible weeping. Faces red and splotchy from tears. This is what we'll have to look forward to on the new season of The Bachelorette, and believe me, I could not be more excited.
While Lindsay's season won't premiere until May 22, she has already been spotted out on a TV date with one of her many men. She and one of her could-be-baes were spotted horseback riding in Beverly Gardens Park in Beverly Hills back in March.
Let's hope that Lindsay's saddle bag was stuffed with tissues — apparently, these suitors really need to let the tears flow once in awhile.

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