This 6-Year-Old Girl Has The Best Response To Questions About Her Makeup

The first rule of makeup is not to care what other people say about your makeup. The haters will always be there; the sooner you realize they’re just trying to bring you down, the better.
Let Khloe Dinsmore, of Sacramento, CA, serve as an example. Khloe is only six, but she’s already figured out exactly how to clap back at anyone who tries to tell her that her look is anything less than perfect. When her 18-year-old brother Kyle tested her limits by questioning her beauty game recently, Khloe didn’t hesitate to let him know what’s up.
“Khloe, what’s on your face?” Kyle asked his younger sister, iPhone in hand, as she approached him and their mom wearing a touch of lipstick and eyeshadow. “Um… beauty,” Khloe replied. The ‘duh’ went unspoken — she didn’t even need to say it. What a boss. “I hope everyone can have the same confidence in themselves as my 6-year-old sister,” Kyle captioned the well-timed video, which has since been shared over 40,000 times on Twitter.
As Khloe’s big brother later told BuzzFeed, “This is honestly like an everyday thing. I just happened to get it on video that day.” May we all have the mettle to channel Khloe in our own lives — and may she be raised with the right support system to make sure she's as ballsy at 13 and 16 and 25 as she is right now. We know a future nasty woman when we see one.

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