This Little Girl Chopped Off Her Hair For The Best Reason

As an adult with bills to pay and a job to show up for on time, it’s easy to look back and think, “Man, I really wish I were a kid again.” Kids don’t have to worry about taxes or balancing an active social life with the recommended daily amount of exercise and a 10-hour workday. But there’s one thing we should all be grateful we don’t have to deal with anymore: bullies.
One badass 11-year-old girl from Newcastle, OK, just showed those bullies who’s boss in the best way we know how — with a beauty statement. After her 9-year-old sister Jorgia came home from school one day upset over being teased for her short hair, Sara Orrick decided that she’d cut her own waist-length hair, too.
Noell Shore, a stylist at Hue Salon in nearby Norman, OK, told Yahoo Beauty, “I’ve known the girls’ mother since elementary school, and she called me recently and asked if I would cut Sara’s long hair.” The girls’ mom may have arranged the salon trip, but as Shore explained, Sara was the mastermind behind the entire look. “She spoke with her hands and said, ‘I want this piece of hair to swirl around the back of my head’ and ‘I want it cut here.’ All I did was carve it.”
Sara showed off the brand-new ‘do in a 360-degree video that Shore posted to Instagram — and she wears it well. In fact, the girls’ mom said that Jorgia was even a little jealous of her big sister’s hair change. “At first, she was a little upset because she wanted to be the only one with short hair,” she told Yahoo Beauty, “but now she loves it.”
As Shore shared in an Instagram caption, Sara said, “’Nobody bullies my little sister. And I don't get why girls with short hair are made fun of.’” A girl after our own hearts.

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