This Makeup Artist Took The Mermaid Trend To A Gruesome Extreme

Photo: Getty Images.
The world has been obsessed with all things mermaid for a hot minute, but it seems we have reached peak mermaid realness. We were almost there when the unicorn frap took over the internet (and the world), but the scales (heh) have officially been tipped by a makeup artist who literally gave herself scales.
The fish scales, however, are not just on her leg. Makeup artist Channing Carlisle used special effects makeup to make it look like her leg was ripped open to reveal scales. Look, I love mermaids and rainbows and glitter, but I'm not even going to pretend this is a cute mermaid. It is a gruesome mermaid.
Like, I'm having trouble even looking at the photo of her leg, even knowing it's just makeup. I feel like Ariel would be super disappointed in us, world. How did we get here?
That said, Channing is clearly very talented, and "gross" is part of her schtick.
For a less gag-inducing take on mermaid makeup, you can try one of the many tutorials on the internet, which suggest you do things like put fishnet stockings over your head to create scales on your face, which is nothing if not resourceful. Another involves wearing rhinestones all over your lips which, while absolutely gorgeous, seem like they could be a buzzkill if you tried to eat or make out with someone. No one said beauty was practical, but even this all seems to be a bit much.
Either way, let's hope the mermaid trend can die a quick and painless death now that we've taken it to the furthest extreme. It turns out there is such a thing as "too far," and I'm pretty sure we've just found it. Nice work, internet.
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