Why Is Corinne On Rachel Lindsay's Bachelorette Premiere?

Last season on The Bachelor, many of us were split into two feuding camps. And no, it had nothing to do with Team Raven vs. Team Vanessa. Too simple.
In fact, our division didn’t even revolve around the season’s leading man, Nick Viall.
It was Corinne Olympios, the woman who — thanks to a few memorable escapades — will go down in history as one of Bachelor Nation’s most famed pot-stirrers. Some loved her, others not so much. And just when we thought we’d never seen the “unapologetic” Olympios again, she’s apparently back.
Ahead of Bachelorette’s season premiere on Monday, E! News teased an exclusive teaser. In it, this season’s leading woman, Rachel Lindsay, receives advice from returning alums. This also includes Olympios.
“I was lucky to come out of Nick’s season with amazing friends,” said Lindsay in the sneak peek.“They know exactly what I went through, they know what it’s like to go through this process, so their advice to me is crucial going into tonight.”
Olympios appears on screen cooly offering up her new friend some advice of her own.
“I feel like you need to totally let your feelings be in control of all of this,” she advised Lindsay. “You need to give them all a chance and let your feelings be like, ‘Yep!’ or ‘Nope!’ ”
The 31-year-old Lindsay nodded with her old adversary. What a difference a season makes.
While it’s too soon to crown a villain for the next season of The Bachelorette, one man has already nabbed the title. After a journalist from the International Business Times did a little investigating, he discovered that contestant Lee Garrett looks the least appealing. Apparently, based on Garrett’s old tweets, we now know a few things: he’s an avid Trump supporter who hates protesters. Oh and Garrett also mentioned that he would never date a woman who uses dating apps, despite his love of “left swiping” while using said apps. He’s also a “meninist.” The worst part? Those details were just the beginning.

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