Finally, A Hair Trend That's Perfect For Your Cold, Dark Heart

Photo: Getty Images.
Years from now, we're all going to look back at the unicorn madness of 2017 and laugh — and we're not just talking about the beauty trends. Brightly-colored, whimsical products have hit fever pitch with baked goods, beverages, and home decor — even toast for goodness sake. But after an entire winter and spring of glitter rainbow happiness, we're looking for something a little darker — and charcoal hair might be just that.
According to Allure, charcoal hair is sweeping Instagram right now — and it's the perfect alt for the colorful hair trends of right now. What is it? Think grandma hair, but cooler. Way cooler. The hue is a dark icy gray that might just put our unicorn days behind us. And something about getting this color right before the hot summer months makes it feel even edgier.
Then again, if you're still living up your magical life, you're in luck. You can also layer the charcoal base with bright highlights: purple, green, blue, you name it.
Click through to check out a few of our favorites, and let us know your thoughts on this trend in the comments below.

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