Everyone On Reddit Is Losing It Over This Unicorn Coffee Cake

Reddit isn't just home to showerthoughts and dank memes. It's often the place to go to find under-the-radar viral photos that haven't jumped to other social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter. And the latest photo to storm the site comes courtesy of the food subreddit and, of course, there's a unicorn involved. (It's 2017, after all.)
In the photo, uploaded by redditor 10cgetsyounuts, there's a magnificent, ombré rainbow coffee cake. The baker calls it a "watercolour effect" thanks to its gentle, pastel shades and even gradation, but Real Simple — and several other redditors — dubbed it a unicorn creation, which may have propelled it from pretty food photo to viral sensation.
It's not just the beautiful finish, which includes a fluffy top and gold accents that's earning the photo plenty of upvotes (over 11,900 and counting). The scale of the cake itself is giving redditors something to comment on, too. In the photo, the unicorn coffee cake sits beside a coffee mug, which means that the cake is either very small and bite-sized or that coffee mug is huge.
Unfortunately, even though many, many users wanted to see the inside of the cake, the OP (that'd be original poster) consumed the whole thing before snapping an accompanying photo. Another head-scratcher? The caption of "coffee cake." The spelling of watercolour would indicate a British baker, so that could explain why it's not the crumbly, cinnamon-swirled, and sour cream-based coffee cake that Americans are accustomed to. Maybe the sweet cake is just coffee-flavored and not the traditional breakfast baked good that we all know and love?
Either way, details on the cake's interior are still up in the air, as is the methodology behind the beautiful look. The OP isn't responding to inquiries regarding the technique for the unicorn finish or any other questions.
It looks like the cake, like unicorns themselves, remains a mystery.

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