This Lipstick Is The New Pink Pussy Hat

Hulu’s adaptation of The Handmaid’s Tale is said to be set in “a dystopian near-future,” but some of its more unsettling images hit a little too close to home in 2017. Namely, the idea that a male-dominated government would seize women’s rights, acting as if they’ve done them a favor.
So what can we do to get in the way of politicians hell-bent on depriving women of their freedom to be human beings? Show up to support organizations that in turn support us. Protest. Volunteer. Fight harder. Scream louder. And wear brighter lipstick while you do it — like Kiss My Pink, the vibrant, unapologetic debut shade from The Lipstick Lobby, a new beauty brand and social justice movement that will donate 100% of the net profits from the product’s sales to Planned Parenthood. Spending $19 on a tube of lipstick has never felt so good.
We need organizations like Planned Parenthood now more than ever — because, as some political figures have needed to be reminded of on several occasions, PP is good for much more than abortions. It’s a source of high-quality, affordable reproductive health care and sex education for people of all ages and all genders, serving 2.5 million people in the United States annually. If PP loses its federal funding, those 2.5 million people lose access to those crucial services. That includes cancer screenings, STD treatments, basic wellness checkups, and more — a devastating blow to public health, just to prevent women from having control over their own bodies. Priorities!
“Wearing this lipstick is a reminder that small actions can create big waves,” The Lipstick Lobby’s website reads. “It's a simple way to speak up and speak out against the threats to women’s freedoms and health care posed by the Trump administration. It's a small thing we can all do right here, right now to create change.
Let’s be honest: You’d want to wear Kiss My Pink, a vegan, cruelty-free, full-coverage matte formula made in the USA and engineered to flatter the full spectrum of complexions, even if it didn’t mean also making a contribution to the most important women’s health organization in the world. But it's an exceptionally easy, if tiny, way to help make America great again — but, like, for real this time.
The Lipstick Lobby Kiss My Pink Lipstick, $19, available at The Lipstick Lobby.

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