All The Celebrities You Didn't Know Are In The Twin Peaks Reboot

Photo: Suzanne Tenner/SHOWTIME.
Television's latest reboot craze has brought us a lot of nostalgia we never really expected to see in 2017. In the last week alone, we gotten more details on the upcoming Roseanne revival and Will & Grace's big return. While those shows are beloved '90s comedies, we're also getting some much weirder nostalgia from the decade in the form of Showtime's Twin Peaks revival.
The series will return on Sunday, May 21, almost exactly 25 years after it was canceled by ABC in 1991. The original Twin Peaks followed the aftermath of the murder of Laura Palmer in the tiny, titular Washington town. Season 3 will pick up two-and-a-half decades later, with mastermind David Lynch still at the helm.
Although there's tons of secrecy surrounding the mysterious revival, we do know tons of stars have signed to Twin Peaks. Some of them are obvious — like original star, Desperate Housewives alum, and dam good enthusiast fan Kyle MacLachlan — and some are brand new to the series, and totally not getting the fanfare they deserve. Scroll through the gallery to find out all the famous faces you'll see on Peaks, they'll surprise you almost as much as the identity of Laura Palmer's killer.
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