There’s A Petition For ABC To Bring Back Dinosaurs & We’re Here For It

Photo: ABC Photo Archives/Getty Images.
ABC's Dinosaurs was a sitcom ahead of its time. The show, which featured a family of puppet dinosaurs, dealt with a variety of progressive issues — we're talking feminism, politics, and a slew of other serious topics you wouldn't expect from, well, talking dinos. The show debuted in 1991 and aired for four seasons. That's a pretty respectable run — but what if ABC brought Dinosaurs back for a new generation? A petition discovered by HelloGiggles wants the network to do just that. The petition already has more than 6,500 signatures, so there's clearly a desire to bring back some Jurassic-era content to today's TV landscape. And while the petition may seem like a long shot, never discredit the power of the internet when it comes to giving us more of our favorite shows. After all, the Veronica Mars movie began with a Kickstarter. Who knows — maybe the Sinclair family will return to our TV screens after all. Of course, there's the tiny fact that the dinosaurs were killed at the end of the show. But if dramas can bring characters back from the dead, we're sure Dinosaurs could figure out a way to do the same thing.

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