Your Spiritual Guide To The Cult Classic Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks is a show unlike any other. That was true in 1990 when it premiered on ABC, intriguing and baffling a Cheers-minded crowd, and it is still true in 2017, on the brink of the second-coming of the wicked and mystical series from the polarizing visionary, David Lynch. Over 26 years ago, in April of 1990, Lynch shared his version of a world where homecoming queens are murdered, detectives are plucky, and nothing is what it seems. The two seasons of the show (the first comprised of eight episodes, and the second included an overwhelming 22 episodes) are most remembered for their fantastical plot lines which are near impossible to comprehend in one sitting.
You either know of Twin Peaks because you are a fan of cult classics and whodunit shows (with a twist), or, you just know it pop-culturally because of the iconic soundtrack and unique premise of the artistically-minded series. Or you just couldn't find anything else on Netflix. But, whether you watched all 30 episodes of season 1 and 2 in the early '90s, or if you've just recognized the title from hearing about the upcoming reboot (premiering May 21 on Showtime), it's time we break down what really happens in this show, in a palatable way. The show revolutionized television, leading the way for the likes of Lost, American Horror Story and, yes, Riverdale. So, what better way to understand the nuances and spiritual significance of all the spooky and surreal things that happen to these characters than by creating Twin Peaks-themed tarot cards? This illustrated deck will provide you with the essential themes, characteristics, and plot lines from the original series. (And hey, print 'em out and do a little Twin Peaks séance of your own in the meantime.)
Inevitably, there are a few spoilers mixed in, but trust me — you're going to want to see what the cards reveal.

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