This Grocery Cashier Was Shamed For Wearing Makeup On The Job

There are a few things grocery cashiers should never do: sneeze on the produce, stack a bag of flour on top of the eggs, or make an awkward joke when you buy condoms and lube. Things that we definitely don't care about? The makeup they choose to wear during their long 8-hour shift.
But apparently some people found ASDA clerk Kerry Whittacker's cut crease deeply offensive. According to the part-time makeup artist, a mother and her 14-year-old daughter makeup shamed her in line, saying loudly, “Who comes to work to sit on a checkout looking like that... don’t know who she thinks she is.”
Kerry, who posted about the interaction on Facebook, fired back saying, "“I’m not harming nobody. Would you say the same about a girl who has problems with her skin and spots on her face? I doubt it.”
She continued, "Why don’t you lead by example to your daughter about empowering other women rather than tearing them down. In this society the last thing we need to be doing to each other as humans is judging people based on looks."
She finished with this zinger: “When you can do a cut crease as sick as this then come back to me and tell me I look like sh*t. Girl Bye.”
According to Metro UK, the post received thousands of likes and shares before being reported and taken down for reasons unknown to the makeup artist. In addition to the removal of her post, she was banned from Facebook for a short period of time.
Kerry has since made her return to social media with a post that shows the look in question — which looks pretty damn impressive to us. Makeup shamers, stand down.
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