Why Did No One Care About Kim's Trauma On The KUWTK Family Vacation?

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Keeping Up With The Kardashians is back to focusing on Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick’s (non)-relationship drama. But when the reality show isn’t shoving a camera into the face of this disintegrating family, it proves Kim Kardashian is still dealing with the trauma of her October 2016 Paris robbery. The only problem is, most of Kim’s fears went unnoticed by her family during their Costa Rican vacation in "Family Trippin Part 2."
At the time of this episode’s taping, Kim is mentally preparing to head to New York to testify against the cabal of alleged criminals who allegedly broke into her hotel room, tied her up in a bathroom tub, held her at gunpoint, and stole millions of dollars worth of jewels from the mother of two. As Kim has said many times of the terrifying incident, she thought she was going to be raped or murdered during the heist. During dinner, Kim brings up her anxieties out of nowhere as everyone else throws passive aggressive barbs around the table. "So, I do not want to go to New York," she abruptly declares. Kim’ family is so uninvested in her recovery Kourtney literally asks, "What are you going [to New York] for?" like Kim might be heading to the Big Apple for some fun party.
We can all claim Kourt’s question was a producer-recommended way to get her little sister to explain what’s going on, but the pure exasperation in Kim’s voice proves this is all real. "To testify against the robbers," she complains, explaining she’s probably going to have to look at photos of the men she believed would kill her. Everyone just blinks at her and mumbles about whether that’s going to make Kim "uncomfortable." As an answer, North’s mom admits she’s blocking out her scariest memories, which is a clear sign of trauma. "I was like, is there anything I can see, see, see, see, see [about my attackers]" she admits. "And then you just don’t think about it.”
All local trickster god Kris Jenner can say is, "I need some stress relief," like this is most upsetting for the momager. From what KUWTK shows, no one even asks Kim if she’s doing alright. A later talking head proves the answer would be resounding no if anyone inquired, when Kim says, "What gives me the most anxiety is just to put faces with the terror that I you know… went though."
This blatant disregard for Kim’s feelings continues in an emotional argument with Khloe over going to the beach. The drama begins when Kris notices multiple paparazzi boats hiding in the water outside of the Costa Rican Kardashian manse. The moment Kim — who is even more traumatized and suspicious of strangers after hearing nearly 20 people were involved in her heist — hears there’s paps with "big ass lenses" are stalking their every move even here in Central America, she immediately decides she not going to the beach. Khloe ignores all the warning signs of Kim’s fear and becomes visibly angry.
I’m usually on KoKo’s side, but, seriously, is she forgetting what Kim just said about her biggest fears right now? Especially since all Loki, I mean, Kris Jenner, says after seeing the paps, "It'll be interesting to see if they follow you guys over to the beach."
Sadly for Kim, it’s not only her family who’s pretending she’s not traumatized. In New York, the E! star meets up with her best friend Jonathan Cheban, who offers no help. First of all, he, like Kourtney, does not understand why Kim is in NYC. "Tell me why you’re here. I don’t understand. You’re on trial here?" he asks. This proves Kim has explained there is a trial, Jonathan’s just not paying attention to anything else she’s saying. This trend continues when Kim says the idea of attending the full trial for her robbers makes her feel unsafe and nervous, and Jonathan immediately says, "I think you should [go]. Fuck them," instead of asking her any questions about her mental health. Both he and close friend Stephanie Shepard urge Kim to go to the trial, ignoring her concerns.
If Kim’s only loved ones don’t take her trauma seriously, it’s no wonder the world at large can’t either.
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