You'll Think Twice About Trimming Your Eyebrows After You See This Fail

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Sometimes, it seems as though life is just a series of hard lessons. You learn to text more carefully after that one time you accidentally sent a topless mirror selfie to Dad instead of Dan. Maybe you've decided to leave your Brazilian waxes to a sober professional, because your drunken attempt once led to disaster. As for Redditor casualoranges, we can bet he will no longer be trimming his eyebrows at home. That's how he almost lost one, after all.
In a recent post, the user uploaded a hilarious photo to the site, showing exactly what an eyebrow looks like when half of it is shaved off. If you need proof that the world is a cruel, cruel place, see below:
The Redditor explained his misfortune, stating that he frequently went to his barber to get his brows trimmed down to 5mm. "It makes them less heavy and look more youthful," he wrote. "I recently purchased a new beard trimmer — it's really rather good — but unlike my old one, it only has even numbers. A few minutes later I was trimming my beard line on 0.4mm. Whilst doing so, I came to realize I'll have to pick a new length to trim my eyebrows."
After pondering over the matter for several moments, casualoranges decided to set his trimmer to 6mm. "Next I thought, 'hey, I'll try it on my eyebrows now.' Now, smart me sees the 6 in 0.6mm, ignores the fact there's a 0 in front of it and, without hesitation, proceeds to trim my eyebrow. I now have 1 eyebrow."
No word yet on whether he's trimmed down his other arch to match. But on the upside, plenty of Reddit users have flooded the thread to assure him his nub of a brow does not, in fact, look half bad. It's important to see the silver lining in situations like these, you know?

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