This Is The Song John Legend Sings When He Changes Baby Luna's Diaper

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John Legend has sung in movies, at the Grammys, and also at the baby changing table. During an appearance on CBS This Morning, the star talked about important issues like criminal justice reform — but managed to sneak in a hilarious performance of the song he sings for baby Luna while changing her diaper.
Chrissy Teigen, model and wife of Legend, gave birth to Luna a little over a year ago and the family has already shared so many amazing memories. They've also coined some nicknames for their daughter, including Lulu and Looney Tunes.
In the interview, Legend says that becoming a dad is what has given his politics a greater purpose, and that he enjoys every part of parenting. Yes, that includes changing diapers.
The task is so fun because Legend has come up with a song for the ordeal, which he calls both his "worst and best song." In the interview, the 38-year-old performed the hilarious tune in full.
"Somebody's got a stinky booty, and her name is Luna and she made a poopy. Somebody's got a stinky booty, and daddy's gonna clean it up!"
Only a new dad could make those lyrics sounds cute — and being a world renowned singer doesn't hurt, either. Catch this diddy at the end of the interview below!
Legend's love for his baby girl is indescribable, but he tried to do it justice in an interview with Stephen Colbert last month.
"Oh, it's beautiful, it’s very emotional, and it brings you and your wife closer together," he said about holding Luna for the first time. "It’s a very like powerful feeling to see the product of your love right there in front of you."
While Legend and Teigen are both amazing parents, the singer claims that he's their daughter's favorite.
"My wife’s a little bit jealous," he told People in an interview. "We’ve got to have a boy too, so she can feel that same feeling."
We can't wait to see what song Legend comes up with the next time around.
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