Billy Ray Cyrus Has Some Interesting Liam Hemsworth Intel

If you had told us in the '90s, back when Billy Ray Cyrus was wagging his mullet and crooning about his "achy break heart," that we'd one day be getting art recommendations from this guy, we probably would have wept for our future.
But that was way, way before the country singer unleashed daughter Miley Cyrus onto the world, and resulting in one of the most curious on-off relationships of modern times: Miley and Liam. And now that the Cyrus-Hemsworth engagement is back on, Papa Cyrus is here to tell us all about his future son-in-law.
Like, did you know that the Hunger Games star is a budding Pablo Picasso/Frida Kahlo/George W. Bush?
"I'll tell you something you don't know about him though: He's a great artist," Cyrus revealed in a new interview with Entertainment Tonight. "He's a painter."
You're right. We did not know that.
"All of a sudden, I go into this room and there's, like, 1,500 paintings up of, like, these things, and I'm like, 'Who did this stuff?'" Cyrus shared. "Liam paints them. I go, 'Liam, when is your next art show?' And he's very humble about it."
"I don't know [how you] don't ever tell anybody," he continued. "I'm like, 'Dude, what are you talking [about]?' He's got painting after painting, that's just incredible stuff. He's a painter. Who knew?"
No offense to noted art critic Billy Ray Cyrus, but we need to see these paintings for ourselves. Creating over a thousand paintings is impressive, but it's a little less so if they're total junk. Given the Australian actor's latest artistic attempt, however, we're feeling optimistic. Hemsworth, after all, is responsible for photographing the dreamy cover art for Cyrus' new track, "Malibu," which is about their relationship.
Beyond being a prolific artiste, Hemsworth is also a "great guy" with a "great spirit," according to Miley's dad. Man. If these two split up again, Billy Ray's going to be absolutely shattered. Watch his interview below.
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