Gwen Stefani Isn't Here For Adam Levine's Dirty Jokes About Her Boyfriend

Want to make Gwen Stefani squirm? Make a joke about Blake Shelton's privates.
The No Doubt frontwoman was filming an interview with E! News alongside The Voice costars Adam Levine and Alicia Keys when she was asked for a factoid about her country crooner boyfriend that might surprise fans.
Stefani, who has been dating Shelton since the fall of 2015, decided to go with the safe option.
"What would shock people about him?" she replied as Levine and Keys listened in. "Probably his knowledge of music, like broad knowledge outside of country music. It's pretty crazy. And just how gifted he is as a songwriter and just as a singer and then, just how he much lets it all roll off, like, he just doesn't care. That's really shocking to me."
Fascinating. But sorry, Gwen, that's not the answer Adam Levine was looking for. The Maroon 5 singer cut in with his own response.
"Or the fact that he has three balls," Levine deadpanned about his partner in bromance, who, sadly, was not present for this interaction.
As you can see from the video below, that contribution didn't go over too well with Stefani, who tutted and shook her head in annoyance.
"Hi, hi Mom, hi Dad, I'm here with Adam Levine," she waved to the cameras with a fake smile as Levine continued to mumble about Shelton's genitalia. "Aren't you proud of me?"
She giggled at the end, however, and frankly, she's probably used to this sort of banter. Deep down we all know that Levine's just jealous because, before Stefani, he used to be the apple of Shelton's eye.
Watch the video below.
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