7 Things We Learned About Twin Peaks From Its First Trailer

Photo: Suzanne Tenner/SHOWTIME.
Twin Peaks is nearly among us again after a drawn-out 25 year hiatus, and we are so excited.
This show revolutionized television as we know it. (Don't believe me? Go re-watch the premiere 90-minute episode, then remind yourself that it came out in 1990! And then get back to me.) And now, there are only 16 days between us and the new reboot of the series on Showtime. Much like the pacing of the moody and ambiguous episodes in the first two seasons of the show (it was not picked up for a third), the promotional materials for the shiny new incarnation of the show have been... drawn out, but still rewarding. Now, though, we finally have a semblance of a real-life series starring real-life people (and not just owls).
The trailer, released today, is titled "Some Familiar Faces 25 Years Later," and does reintroduce us to a few key characters from the series. It's extremely cryptic and vague, but with some patience we were able to uncover six key moments, faces, or facts that hint at what's to come in the season. So, click through and re-familiarize yourself with the Twin Peaks fam.
And if you need a refresher on the series and its major characters and themes, we made you a (super informative and visually gorgeous) guide here.
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