Ryan Gosling Is Hiding In His Turtleneck In This New Movie Poster

Another day, another Ryan Gosling meme circulating the internet. Currently, RyGos is making waves for a certain outfit he's donning in the new poster for the upcoming Blade Runner 2049, which was revealed on the movie's official Twitter page. The highly-anticipated sequel to the 1982 Ridley Scott film stars Gosling as a LAPD officer (and blade runner!) who discovers a dark secret. However, after seeing the new film's poster, one has to wonder if that secret is hiding in his turtleneck.
There is definitely some intriguing stuff resting just below Gosling's chin, right? That's the only logical explanation for why the Best Actor nominee could possibly be diving so deep into his sweater. I mean, sure it's snowing, and he seemingly got locked out of that futuristic car in the foreground, but like... wear a hat, dude. You're going to smother yourself if you're not careful.
Naturally, the internet lost its damn mind over the new photo.
Fortunately, RyGos is very used to his image becoming the talk of the internet. His "Hey, Girl" memes became the obsession of everyone, even though the actor later admitted in an interview that those words never actually came out of his mouth. The Tumblr account Feminist Ryan Gosling became such a thing that they even published a book of his pro-equality statements. (Fortunately, the real Gosling is just as here for gender equality as his Tumblr counterpart is. Phew.)
Gosling will star in Blade Runner 2049 opposite Harrison Ford, who is reprising his role as an exhausted cop tasked with tracking down human "replicants." Ford actually got a poster of his very own, but it's making way less waves than the newbie to the franchise's, probably because he's wearing normal clothes with a normal neckline.
Don't be afraid of the fitted t-shirt, Gosling: it's definitely working for Ford.
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