20 “Hey Girl” Moments In Honor Of Ryan Gosling’s Birthday

Hey girl, today is a very important day. It's our collective boyfriend Ryan Gosling's 34th birthday. You know Ryan, though. He's so thoughtful and sensitive that instead of expecting a birthday present from you, he's going to give one to you. He really is just the best, right?
Gosling's gift comes to us via the Internet, specifically in the form of two extremely popular Ryan Gosling memes. The original viral Gosling phenomenon, Hey Girl, originated from Douglas Reinhardt's Tumblr, Fuck Yeah! Ryan Gosling. It grew so popular that the man, the myth, the Gos himself read some of his own Hey Girls not just once, but twice. He giggled. Our hearts giggled in unison. He never did fulfill his promise to make an NC-17 movie about Hey Girl, though.
One of the reasons Ryan Gosling has maintained his status as the Internet's collective manpanion for so long is that he's an ardent feminist. Gosling's outspokenness on behalf of women gave rise to yet another viral sensation, Feminist Ryan Gosling. It started as a Tumblr and eventually became a book. It's just so much fun to imagine the sensitive heartthrob as a lover of all things women's studies and co-defender of our realm.
And so, in honor of Gosling's special day, we've compiled the best Hey Girls from Fuck Yeah! Ryan Gosling and Feminist Ryan Gosling. It's a present from Ryan Gosling and the Internet to you. There's absolutely no need to get him a new tie or anything, because when it comes to Ryan Gosling, all of his clothes are made out of boyfriend material.

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