This Train In Japan Is Only For Champagne Budgets

Photo: Jiji Press/AFP/Getty Images
Between footage of passengers being violently dragged off of flights and news about giant rabbit deaths on planes, the friendly skies have gotten a bit aggro in 2017.
Unfortunately for most of us, hopping on a plane is the only option. However, if you live in Japan and can afford to drop a few extra thousand when you travel, you just may have another option.
Train Suite Shiki-Shima is a new luxury sleeper train available in Japan, operated by East Japan Railway. The 10-car train features 17 private suites decked out with sleek contemporary design touches. Depending on needs and destination, tickets for a trip on the luxury locomotive will cost you anywhere between $2,200 and $10,000, according to CNN.
Aboard the Shiki-Shima, commuters have access to lavish Champagne-colored exteriors, opulent suites, and Michelin-approved chefs. It kind of puts our typical American commuter train food menu — pizza, hot dogs, and iceberg lettuce salads — to shame.
Glass-walled observation cars also bookend the train, lending riders full views of the forest and coastline while en route. In one suite there’s even an aromatic cypress wood bath, according to The Telegraph.
The train will carry up to 34 passengers for two- to four-day itineraries around eastern Japan. Despite the first ride happening only earlier this week, the Shiki-Shima is already booked through March 2018.
While this travel experience is already being hailed as the world’s most luxurious train ride ever, there is one small catch. Though Japan is home to some of the fastest trains on earth, one would think this ride is also speedy one. However, the Shiki-Shima only travels at 110 kph (68 mph) according to The Telegraph. Then again, with tickets prices this high, who would dream of rushing anywhere?

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