Oh, Snap: Drop II Of Zendaya's Clothing Line Is Here

Photo: Courtesy of Daya by Zendaya.
Chances are, if you love Zendaya, then you love her style. And if you love her style, then you probably already love Daya by Zendaya, her eponymous fashion label, too. The singer-actress-designer debuted Drop I of her clothing line last year to much applause: It wasn't just size-inclusive and really stylish, but it was really affordable, too, with the most expensive garment ringing in at $158. The 20-year-old mogul is back with Drop II of the collection, which features more styles, more colors, and even more sizes. For Zendaya, this second round is (still) more than just a celebrity clothing line — it's a chance to make improvements based on what she learned from the first drop, and make even more stylish clothes for everyone.
"When it came to making a clothing line in general, you learn so much so quickly; for the first drop, it was about learning what your market wants, what they were drawn to, what they were interested in, and learning from those mistakes and learning from those wins," Zendaya told Refinery29. "One thing I learned was that the first [collection] was a little too disjointed. It needed to be a little more cohesive, and it was as if there were too many options. This second time around, I wanted to tighten it, and make it more cohesive — like a [real] collection — and to get more specific with things."
The actress was inspired by specific colors and textures, such as warmer tones, like copper and rust, and satin and silk fabrics. Since she's an avid denim fan, Zendaya wanted to add her own spin on the wardrobe staple. "I'm one of those denim-on-denim-on-denim-on-denim-on-denim-on-denim people, because it looks good all the time and you can't go wrong [with it]," she told us. "It's the easiest way to make an outfit — if you have jeans, just wear a jean T-shirt. It'll look chic for no reason," she said. (On that note, you'll find some killer patchwork denim separates in the slideshow ahead.)
Zendaya looked at the results of Drop I to figure out just what worked and what didn't. For example, the premiere collection's loungewear and comfy clothes out-sold other pieces, which Zendaya had anticipated, since those sorts of pieces are integral to her own street style. Also, affordability was key: Drop II's prices range from $18 to $54 in sizes XS to XXL, rolling out in four product deliveries, and you can get notifications about forthcoming drop dates on her site.
"I know who my fans are, and I know who I want to speak to; I want to speak to that college student whose food and books are more important, not what they're going to wear, but they do want to look chic and have good clothes," Zendaya explained. "I'm doing the best job I can at delivering the quality while also still keeping it real [price-wise]." The star also acknowledges that celebrity clothing lines are plentiful, but she's striving to have her own spin on the model. "This is a celebrity line, sure, but there are a million of them out there, so I wanted to figure out how I could be different," she told us. "I wanted to stress, very much so, the inclusivity of it all: [making the line] gender neutral and with more open sizing were musts for me, and I think that's where shopping should be headed anyway."
That sentiment was echoed with her first collection, too, which was one of the few size-inclusive brands in a saturated market of celebrity-helmed lines, along with the likes of Beyoncé's athletic line for Topshop, Ivy Park, Seven7 by Melissa McCarthy and Rebel Wilson's line for Torrid. Plus, Daya by Zendaya is the first celebrity clothing line to market itself as gender neutral. "My older sister is a thicker woman — she shouldn't have to go to another section to find her clothes, you know?" Zendaya pointed out. "And there should be no rules as to what you can wear just because it says 'girls' or 'guys' on it, I just don't think that that's the way it should be done."
Also, Zendaya actually sees you styling it — and she loves what she's seeing: she admits to spending quite a lot of time searching hashtags on Instagram to see how everyone is wearing it. "What I love doing, fairly often, is that I kind of stalk the hashtags on Instagram to see what everybody is wearing and how they're wearing it, and it's beautiful: there's no color, no gender, not only one size: There are so many different kinds of people wearing it!" she said. "[Daya's customers] seem very empowered by the clothes, and they style it their own way. I think that's the beauty of clothes — yeah, we make them, but once they leave us, they're not ours anymore, and to see everybody make it their own is really beautiful for me."

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